Severe sinus pain/toothaches/migraines..

This is legit like the fifth post I've made for this and no one seems to help me at all besides upvoting a bit.

I really need help with what seems to be a severe sinus infection. I've taken 2 xrays and told its "mild" but the sinus toothaches and migraines that i get, in my nose, eyes, cheeks, eyebrow area, upper molar teeth is so severe that I've thrown up from how bad the pain is. I also have reoccuring throat infections that seems to be from the amount of mucus and drainage. I've passed out more than once from how severe the sinus toothaches are, it's been about a year and a half now from it and no doctors seem to help at all.

I've tried motrin (seems to be most effective, makes the pain tolerable but its still there), decongestants, nasal sprays, salt water rinses in mouth and nose, garlic cloves, oils, antibiotics (3 different types now) and im currently taking "sinufed" and antibiotics for my throat and 2 motrin alongside it, which causes excessive sweating and doesn't seem to be healing me at all just like the last amounts of meds ive taken.

I'm 20, female, all of this has been going on for a year. My routine now is to take antibiotiocs, sinufed, sleep, hot tea/coffee, motrin, etc to make the pain more tolerable but it is a constant migraine/SEVERE throbbing toothaches and I've gone to the dentist who told me i have absolutely no cavities/etc and its from sinuses.

I really need help, this is the last time I'm going to ask as well. :( It's debilitating.

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