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Here's the run down. This past weekend my wife and I took part in a 3-day walk for breast cancer. It was 60 miles, so clearly a lot of work on my knees. Day 1 went fine, feet hurt, but to be expected. Day two came and I was having issues with my right foot's arch. So I am assuming I was compensating my leg around my arch. That night I bought decent insoles to help and they did. However my right knee (same leg) was killing me. I woke up on day 3 with a swollen knee. I completed the walk day 3 with lots of stop and icing along with ibprofen. My knee was very swollen and where I got scared was it was buckling a few times. I have never experienced that (I am 28 and play tons of sports). This freaked me out a lot.

I took off work yesterday to sort of recoup. I woke up in pain with a swollen knee which I sort of knew was coming. I kept it elevated all day, with icing it on and off all day while also taking anti-inflamatory drugs. Steps were a big issue, I had to take each one at a time, not putting my forward body's weight on that knee.

Woke up this morning (Tuesday- 2 days after the walk) with a slightly swollen knee and a decent amount of stiffness. I am okay with that at this point. I dont have the crazy pain on every step I take which is also good. However, I do occasionally have my knee buckle.

Edit: Family friend had me wear a knee brace today and have been taking asprin instead of ibprofen. Still have buckle every once and a while.

My question is, should I really be concerned? Is this just to be assumed from a lot of use in a short period of time? When is the time where a flag should go up and I should get an MRI? Could I seriously tear my minuscus WALKING?

I have never had any major knee issue/injury/surgery. This question has been asked several times by medic staff, so I figured would be needed here.


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It's possible that you caused some damage while playing sports and now with a heavy amount of activity caused aggravation of that injury. Its possible to cause a small tear in a meniscus and go years without any problems until a specific event causes extra aggravation. The swelling, stiffness, and inability to hold your weight is a good indication that there could be some ligamental damage. My suggestion would be to find a sports medicine physician, you can do this by contacting your insurance company or your family doctor, and go have a proper evaluation. A written description with joint injuries is very limiting, you need a doctor to perform a physical exam to tell you for sure. For now, avoid extensive physical activity and keep it iced. Ibuprofen or aspirin are also good to help with pain and inflammation. Let me know how things go.

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