Inflammatory issues / repeat action injury

I am wondering if anyone can connect the dots for me and give me some sort of suggestions or even just reassurances that I am not broken for I feel broken. I am trying to figure out a way to handle my issues that keep popping up. I eat well, exercise when I'm not in pain, and in general try and live a good life.

During University, I developed tendinitis from playing clarinet a lot (5+hours/day plus using a computer, etc). I have stopped playing, but every time I use my hands a lot I still get flare-ups: I moved into a new apartment last weekend and did lots of heavy lifting and my hands/arms were sore for 5 days. They're still a little weak. I don't think this injury will ever go away.

Then, after graduating, I injured my foot furing a work-up to a 10km run and they told me it was plantar fasciitis. It went away, and then a year later came back except now in both feet and now it has yet to truly go away. My heel doesn't hurt; it's the flat part of my foot and the arch. I have orthotics, but I have been getting continuous flareups from just walking/standing too much, especially on hard surfaces like concrete. I am starting to fear this will never fade, either. I have had to change my workout routine to exclude running/walking/standing. I swim a lot now.

I am scared. I can't do a lot of things that I used to love and I have no idea how to get better. When I get flare-ups I stretch, sometimes I use ice or heat, and I try and rest as much as possible. Rarely a day goes by when I am not in some sort of pain. I have gotten lots and lots physio and all they ever told me was just stretch and rest.... and nothing has helped; tried it all. Help!

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Well, I have tendinitis which is different. Carpal Tunnel is caused by a nerve pinched by the bad position your wrists are at when you're typing. So, a bone/muscle/nerve problem. I tried wrist braces for a while but I didn't really notice a difference, especially since tendon issues aren't resolved by better posture/positioning. It's by the movement on the tendons themselves in their sheaths.
I have a theory it's caused by not enough blood circulation; I have lower blood pressure than what is normal (but not crazy low). But I don't really know how to improve that.

I have orthotics and I wear expensive shoes from running stores. I have already tried to pay for this to go away, with no luck. This isn't simple foot soreness; if I'm not careful I can end up with a limp or unable to walk properly if I push myself too hard.

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