Spinal fracture

So my boyfriend was born with a disease called OI(Osteogenesis Imperfecta) aka brittle bone disease. He frequently sprains body parts, but up until recently, it's been nothing debilitating, although the stubborn ass never goes to the doctors and definitely needed to way before this. ANYWAYS, a few days ago, he literally broke the first few verterbrae on his spine, and is in quite a lot of pain. It took a visit to the ER for us to find out the bad news, moreover, they could do nothing about it because of his OI, and thus would need to see an orthopedic specialist. So all they could do was prescribe him a high dose of Percocet, which is he already out of because of his constant pain.
This is where it gets worse. We actually found a specialist who would see him at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia(yay), close by. No doubt he's gonna need surgery. The problem is that they can't see him til the middle of October. (I DO intend to call them and see if he can get in any sooner). He is also going to his Primary Care Physician on Thursday to get checked out/hopefully obtain more pain meds. But I really don't think he can last a full two weeks like this, with or without pain meds. Not only is the pain terrible, but he is also constipated badly and has trouble urinating. Not to mention his legs are starting to hurt bad cause he's straining himself when he's standing up.
I guess my questions would be: is there anything I can do to make him more comfortable and help ease the pain a bit more?(I've alrready bought him hot/cold patches, tiger balm, epsom salt..but I know they don't help much) Should he be staying in bed at all times? He's usually getting up/down from chairs and walking around when he's on pain meds. Also, should we resort to using enemas so he can have a bowel movement? I was also wondering if I should just take him to the ER at Jefferson? that way maybe the specialist could see him sooner?..
Sorry, this post was definitely borne out of desperation, as I have to watch the person I love suffer and I still don't know how either of us are gonna last these two weeks. Any advice/wisdom/direction/support you can give me would be great, as I'm trying to be strong for him but failing utterly. thanks :)

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Constipation is probably from the opiates / pain meds. The trouble urinating is more worrisome in the setting of a vertebral fracture that could be impinging some nerves. I would bring him to the hospital to make sure he doesn't damage his kidneys from prolonged urinary retention.

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