The tip of my penis hurts.

What could it be? It is not an STD because I haven't had sex. I am circumcised (but haven't ever had this issue). It started lte last night. The only explanation I could have is early yesterday, I masturbated, then took a bath (not a shower) right after I was finished. Perhaps some hot water traveled inside? (I have no idea; I'm not a doctor.) It hurts anytime it lightly touches something, and makes wearing underwear extremely uncomfortable. It's only at the very tip. I cannot see a doctor until Monday. So, what can it be? Any advice or explanation is appreciated.

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What does the "hurt" feel like? Burning? Aching?

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Sounds like you caused a little tear from friction, and now that little site is very tender when pulled the wrong way (probably on the skin). If so, it'll heal on its own... just give it about two days and it'll be feeling better.

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