Problems with Implanon birth control implant

This is a bit of a long story, but I got the implant in April of 2008 and immediately it began giving me problems. My skin and the whites of my eyes had a yellowish tinge for a while, eventually that went away. I had somewhat regular periods before getting the implant (I got it for severe cramps) and after getting it I would bleed heavily for sometimes as many as 60 days in a row. I would only be off my period anywhere for 1 day to 1 month. This went on for the three years it was working. When it expired I did not have health insurance or the money to get it removed, so now we're in present time and it's still in my arm. My periods are still very long and heavy, and even when I'm not on my period and my boyfriend and I do not have protected sex I do not get pregnant. I am not in any way trying to get pregnant, but I feel if I were, I would be already. I am CONSTANTLY moody/on edge emotionally because I am almost always premenstrual, making it difficult for me to be happy. My quality of life is not as it should, simply because I am constantly either bleeding or I'm PMS-ing.

I read on Implanon's website that leaving the implant in too long MAY result in infertility and other problems, but I'm curious as to what could be causing these issues.

Another bit of information, I went to get the implant removed after a horrible, long, and painful period that lasted 60 + days and my doctor refused to do it. She said that it probably wasn't the implant, but I don't know what else it could be.

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