Healing time for fusion surgery on fractured calcaneus bone?

I'm having surgery Monday morning, because my heel bone just isn't healing much on it's own. (I broke my foot on Labor Day and the other fractured bones in my foot are healing fine) I'm very active, I play in a racquetball league and I spend most of my weekends hiking. I'm miserable in this big ass boot. My orthopedic surgeon said healing after surgery could take an additional 12 weeks. Can someone give me an educated guess of when I can *really* have my life back? Thanks!!

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Initial bone callus formation usually takes 6-8 weeks. At that point the bone is only about 50-60% of pre-fracture strength. Full 100% healing takes up to a year. 12 weeks is usually when we tell patients they can go back to exercise, which means the bone will be about 80% strength. One of the issues with the calcaneus or 'heel bone' is the blood supply. The calcaneus can take longer and be more troublesome during the healing process because it's blood supply isn't as strong as other parts of the foot. The biggest threat to a fractured calcaneus is avascular necrosis, or death of the heel bone. My suggestion is to take it easy, listen to what your doctor suggests, and when you do start physical activities again do so cautiously and incrementally in intensity.

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