Don't know what I was bitten by

I was out walking about a week ago and was bitten/stung by something on the back of my leg I swatted at it and was bitten/stung by whatever it was on the front of my leg, I figured there might be multiple insects around and broke into a sprint. I never got a look at the son of a bitch to identify it. When I stopped running the sting started to spread into a burn around the bitten/stung area. The swelling lasted about a week and the bites/stings both have 3 scabs in a triangular shape. I've never seen anything like this. I figure if it was a wasp it would have one scab/minor puncture. If a spider it would have two scabs. If it were a bee there would have been a stinger. So can anyone tell me what the hell this was.

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Could you submit a picture? This would make it much easier to identify.

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