Testimonial: HOW IS IT TO HAVE A Colonoscopy AND AN Endoscopy (open if you wanna know)

Hello guys,

I recently had these exams made in the same day/morning. I was scared like shit, even knowing I couldn't shit my pants because I had to clean my bowel the day before. I'm gonna tell you how it went:

1) 2 Days before the exames I had to stop eating complex food, just eating rice, soft meat (chicken and stuff), no fruits (any fruit) and vegetables.

2) In the day before I had normal lunch but after that you can only eat liquid stuff such as watery soup, teas, jelly, water, etc...

3) Then at 17h I started taking MOVIPREP to clean my bowel, it tastes like lemon (shit) and you have to drink alot of it (1L of it plus 1L of water), after 20 mins you are in the bathroom pooping water (yellow or clear). It doesn't hurt, also it feels very cool the reliefe sensation of bowel emptyness.

4) In the next morning I went to the exam scared like shit and it didn't hurt anything! It was very cool and non traumatic. They gave me a sedation, the only thing I did was to put a rubber protection in my mouth and then, suddently, I was in a bed in a recovery room waking up. The first thing I asked to my brother that was there was "wtf? it is over?!". I DIDN'T FEEL A THING!!! AND I'VE MADE BOTH EXAMS. I'm very looking forward to repeat this exams in 5 or 10 years (because they can detect alot of problems) and they hurt ZERO. I also didn't feel any disconfort after that, even knowing that 6 biopsies have been made. Sedation is amazing, I started feeling it in my head (5 seconds of eye dizzyness) and then puff, sleeping like an angel! Its like when you arrive home in a hard work day and you lay in the bed for 5 secs and you wake up in the next morning lol.

So I have some recomendations for you if you're going to do these exames:

* Do both at the same time (I mean, one after the other, but in the same hour-day), just because gasoline is expensive to travel to the hospital so often.

* Ask for fucking sedation, you have that right, they cannot ignore that request, or else you go to other hospital. Sedation is not as dangerous as full anaesthesics, but even that is not dangerous... I felt awesome after sedation, like a full 1h nap, it was really nice.

* Don't shit yourself in the pants of scareness: farting is more traumatic and painfull than these exames with sedation. (oh you fart alot after colonoscopy because they put air in your bowel to see it better, and also, that doesn't hurt, and farting is also nice!!).

Hope this helps people going for these exams. Don't be scared, I was and I regret it, because thanks to sedation it all went well. Just make sure you follow your doctor's preparation, because if you go with food in your belly the exam will be shit, and it can be dangerous if food goes to your lungs. But if you follow the prep. correctly IT WILL BE A VERY EASY EXAM!

So really, don't panic!

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