My colon is short-circuiting!!


I've been with a bowl disorder for at least 1,5 months and it is (very) slowly improving, sometimes getting worse but in the end, improving.
I've made endo a colonoscopy, ecographies to liver, pancreas and stuff and everything is ok. endo detected some erosion and H.Pilory that I can't treat right now due to my irritated colon. My colonosc. detected colon inflamated tissue but without a specific reason aka "colon is fucked dunno why". I guess my doctors ruled out chron, ulcerative colitis (thank god) and cancer.

It only makes me to go to the bathroom in the morning to poop out almosteverything I ate yesterday (not in liquid/watery form, but in soft (non 100% solid) stools).

I have one question: what the fuck? will this ever get normal again or may I start learning to live with IBS-D or something (still better than chron and other shit)? Is it my flora? Fortunatly this only "ruins" my mornings, I can have the rest of my day in peace.

Today I made the funniest poop ever in my life, my poop has 2 colors and textures: one is normal brown, soft and quite consistent the other is a more clearer brown (probably due to yellow mucus) and less solid than the other half. I put here a picture of it (quite disgusting I know, but some will enjoy):

(I know some parts look like melena or something, it is not, it is just my crappy camera darkening the image, the dark part is the "normal/healthy poop brown color, the other clearer brown is the dieahrrea kind of brown")

Does this also have a meaning? Is it a good vs evil battle going on in my colon?

Ps. I also have a constant pain (not very strong) in my left lower part of abdomen, almost going to my back, but colonoscopy found nothing there... Can it be my kidney?

Thanks Docs!

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I'd definitely see a doctor about this.

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Sorry, this is not easy to figure out... I can only tell you that this is not likely to be your kidney. It still sounds to me like it could be IBD (not IBS) or several other things.. hopefully it will resolve this month and that'll be the end of it... I would ask your GI doc these questions since he's actually seen the tissue we're talking about

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Do you see how your fecal matter is sticky? (its sticking to the sides of the toilet? ) That is screaming fat malformation issue most likely associated with a sort of dysbiosis in your GI-track. pm if you are still having problems

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