Allergic reaction to shop air at work. Advice needed.... crosspost

So I started work a month ago at a manufacturing facility that has a lot of welding that I have had some reactions to. It is not horrible every day, but if I am out on the floor a lot and production is up.. I can get reactions that vary from a slight cough occasionally to a hoarse voice where it sounds like I am losing it, and shortness of breath.
went to the doctor and have tried inhalers. They seem to work to tone it down on the bad days.
The chest x ray came out clear so she is calling it an allergic reaction. The doctor had also said that when I am away from the stuff it will heal. I feel like having allergic reactions frequently can't be good for you.
may have potential to go back to my old job. ... in which there were fiberglass fumes from a neighboring plant bothering me but it was much less frequent.
guess my question (even though there may not be doctors on here) is.... how bad for you are frequent allergiv reactions, is it normal to become hardened or desensitized after a while, and also, what would you do in this situation?

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I am not actually doing the welding. I am an engineer there.. but there is a decent bit of haze on the fabrication side of the shop on most days.

The symptoms have subsided a bit. I think stress from the symptoms probably made them worse. I could potentially wear a mask but would be the only one wearing one. I may try to transfer back to my old job, which I have had issues with from a neighboring plant, but it would be less exposure until I find out how to get out of manufacturing

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If you're in an office, you don't need to wear it, but see if it helps to wear it when you're going on the floor where the fumes are more highly concentrated. The inhaler they gave you is really just a temporary stopgap to keep your bronchioles open instead of spasming tightly when they're reacting to the welding fumes. Your lungs won't really get better unless you eliminate the main problem, which is the exposure.

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Your main problem is that you're having a reaction to particulates from welding. It's technically an allergy called [hypersensitivity pneumonitis](, but it's not really something that you desensitize to after constant exposure. You just get chronic disease from repeat exposure with all the damage you're doing. Welding alone is a risk factor for squamous cell lung cancer. I'm not really familiar with the welding field, but is there no way that you can use a better respirator / ventilating mask?

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