I am a 23 year old female who has had a lump on her right tonsil for the past month. Is it something I should be worried about?

It was sore for the first few days, but has been nothing more than an awkward feeling of something being caught in the back of my throat for the past month. It has shrank in size since I first noticed, but there is still a roughly ours sized lump on my right tonsil. I don't have health insurance, and an becoming moderately worried that it is more than just inflamed lymph tissue. I've experienced no loss of energy or appetite. It does not hurt to swollow. I can't afford to be seen by a doctor, let alone the cost of diagnostic tests.

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Have you been having any of the following symptoms

Shortness of breath |
Dry cough |
Fevers, chills, night sweats |
Weight loss or gain (this month)

Do you smoke, have any toxic exposures, or use any medications?
Most importantly: do you have any known medical conditions?

Unilateral swelling is either infection, inflammation, or yes possibly a tumor--but in your age group this would be pretty unlikely. If it stayed the same for 4 weeks, that's scary, but yours has shrunk some in that time frame. What % would you say it's shrunk from its largest size? That's a good sign :)

Keep in mind that no one here can guarantee that this isn't cancer without taking a little piece of it and looking at it under a microscope. That would be the only way to know for sure, aside from waiting 2-3 more weeks and going to the doctor then (which sounds like a reasonable strategy to me)

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1st: don't touch it every time, that doesn't help and irritates that area even more.

2nd: cancer/malign tumours don't shrink in size, so probably you could have an allergy or an infection of some type.

Try to relax, live healthy and eat healthy. Go to a doctor as soon as you can just to make sure, but like I said, cancer doesn't shrink, so probably that's an infection that is taking too long. I've had some lymph nodes in my throat that took half an year to go, and I'm having one right now near my chin that shrunk alot in the last months.

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