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In January of 2012, I tore my meniscus wrestling, no surgery was required and I went through all the necessary rehab and was fine in about 2 months. Then again in December of 2012, I tore my flipped and tore my meniscus wrestling again. This time surgery was required. I went into surgery and it took me about 2 months to recover again, they sewed it back together. However, it was still giving me pain while running cross country over the past month. Then this weekend while tubing, my tube flipped and knee locked again. I went to the doctor about it today and he drained my knee and only blood came out. He didn't tell me what he thought it was, but I have a feeling it is my meniscus again. I am scheduled for an MRI on Thursday. I just wanted to know if this is something that is common, tearing the same meniscus multiple times, even after surgery. Please note that I am only 17, so I've torn it 2 times in about a year and a half, maybe a third.

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