Grease Burn, possibly infected. Should I see a doctor?

I spilled grease down my leg two weeks ago, which left a severe 2nd degree burn around the bottom of my ankle. I kept it covered while the blister was still there, and I popped the blister a little over a week ago. It was itchy for a couple days after I popped it. It then swelled a little for a couple days. I continued to put antibacterial ointment on it and wrapped it when I went out. It is now not swollen but is starting to turn a white, yellow, greenish color in certain parts. Should I go to a doctor, or just continue with ointment and wrapping it.

This is a pic of it, now. I washed a little while ago and haven't put any ointment on it to show the colors better.

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Looks like it's just healing. If it doesn't get better in a few days to check with your doc.

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