Possible insect bite, but looks odd.

I noticed a swelling on my ankle on Monday after I did a hike on Sunday. Initially it looked like a blister and I didn't think much of it. On Tuesday it had doubled in size to this


I went to a clinic where the doctor on staff felt it was an insect bite that I had a reaction to. She drained it and put a bandaid on it

Today it looks like this:


Its not painful and there's a mild itch. There is a clear/yellowish discharge. I've been keeping it under a bandaid with some neosporin (changing twice a day)

Is this something to be concerned about or is this a "wait and see" situation?

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Wait and see. If the discharge turns white, foul-odored, or if there is more redness/ swelling / warmth spreading outside of the original blister, you can go back to the doctor. It's itchy because it's healing.

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