Right eye "twists" when my tongue is moved.

This has been a...thing for as long as I can remember. At the age of 4 my parents started noticing that, when I eat, my left eyelid would open (this will be relevant in a moment). The doctor said it would disappear by the time I was 7. I'm 19 now and it still goes on, and I've only actually recently learned the name of it as Marcus Gunn wink-jaw syndrome. However, at the same time, I have always found my vision to double up as if my eyes are coming out of focus. I always assumed the two were linked until recently when I actually checked it out in the mirror. When I press my tongue up against the roof of my mouth, or food or whatever, I noticed that one side of my right eye is tugged down and it gives the appearance of it "twisting."

Does anyone have any information on this? I've done some searching and can't find anything and, as it doesn't cause me any problems, I don't really want to bother my GP about it. Just looking for info really.

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Yes, it's a benign issue, but whenever your jaw is moving, it's just stimulating the nerve that controls your eye movement. When your eyes are no longer "lined up" with each other, your brain doesn't react that quickly and you get a distorted / double vision.

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This makes sense to me too

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