Was this a stroke? Definitely nerve centric.

This is terribly long, sorry and I hope most of what I put in was necessary and not pointless fluff.

Keep in mind that I'm a petite, moderately healthy (well, wait until you read further), 18 year old girl. This started a few years ago.

A few years ago something crazy happened to my body over the course of a few days. It started out as getting a mild headache one night that made me uncomfortable to watch my movie at night, so I tried to go to sleep. Within the next few hours the headache got really intense, and I couldn't move my head, or my neck without adding excruciating pain. It hurt so much I was crying (which I rarely do).

The next day I feel absolutely sick to my stomach and need to use the restroom immediately to urinate. So I get up and feel like jelly and could not walk standing upright to the bathroom some 30 feet away, I was hunched over and couldn't straighten up. I couldnt walk up straight, my muscles felt like jelly, and my entire body felt like when you almost fall backwards off a chair, in complete fright. The entire hobble over to the bathroom was surreal. The sunlight from the windows were like 1 million watt bulbs and synging my eyes. Used bathroom, went back to bed. I stayed in bed mostly for the next three days and didn't sleep that entire time because the headache was so bad.

The sunlight thing was only for the first day, but the shot nerves was intense the first day, and milder but still kept me in bed mostly the next two days.

I then had really bad diarrhea for the next two weeks. On average I went 10 times a day. No food was kept solid in my stomach for longer than a few minutes. (I now know what it'd be like if I was just a plastic tube from mouth to anus thanks to kiwi fruit.)
Everyday of those two weeks felt normal (except for the fact that it was all consecutive days). And I felt fine afterwards.

But fast forward a year since that happened (maybe 2010 ish) my hands started feeling weird, I could place it, like they were swollen and not closing right, but they looked fine. I dismissed it entirely.

Fast forward another year, my hands start to feel really off. They don't feel connected, and when touching they both feel like they are being touched by another person. If I am not using my hands, or contracting muscles in them in any way and aren't looking at them, I feel like I don't have them, that they aren't there. If doing that same experiment when looking, they look and feel like fakes. So I'm sure something is wrong at this point. This isn't a mental induced, I know they are my real attached arms, and obviously something happened with my nerves.

Since then I've had that feeling affect my entire arms and legs, and is concerning me very much. I feel if it gets worse, I'm going to have some definite mental issues coping with it (in addition to a potentially crippling, degenerative disease.)
Also, I feel pain more intensified now. If I accidentally sit on a solid object for a second, pain comes radiating in that spot for the next minute or so. More pain than seems like should. This happens on a daily basis (the intensified pain).

I did go to a doctor once and told him my arms felt really numb all the time. That's all I said (even though I most definitely should have said that whole thing.) He had my neck X-rayed and blood taken, but mostly brushed me off since I didn't say all that much. He asked me if I was in a car accident because my neck looked like that of a 40 year old. I said no, and he just referred me to a chiropractor, and was done. Asked no other questions. This all happened in a mere 5-10 minutes.

Now the reason why I didn't tell him everything that happened, haven't gone to him again or another doctor since is because I have a hard time speaking in front of people. Not an excuse, and definitely could end up ruining my life, but it does make it that much harder to do something so simple. I'm shy, petite, young, and a girl, and often are ignored and dismissed because of this. This post isn't asking how to talk to my damn doctor about everything (although tips would be nice), but to actually tell me what was going on, how serious it is, and convince me to talk to a doctor ASAP.

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