Recently I have started sweating a lot based solely on anxiety. I'm out of shape but have been this way for a while (but not obese 5'10" 200lbs). I'm not thinking that the weight has much to do with it though as I have been losing it by eating right and being active. It still is probably plays a part of the severity of my sweating.

For example though, I was waiting at the check out line at the grocery store, and just to help customers out, I had the cart turned sideways (so people could walk behind me), but it wasn't exactly behind the person in front of me. I turned to the person behind me when the line moved and said "oh sorry, we were here first." She responded in a completely reasonable way but I broke into a full on red faced sweat. I was with my girl friend and she was even bashful about it. It's entirely because of confrontation. Growing up I would have just been physical, aggressive and not really care about it. But now (as a 28 year old) I feel like I struggle to come up with the right words at the spur of the moment (even though I know I can handle a simple situation like that). So I feel slow minded, even though I know I'm a very intelligent person. And that just makes me sweat more. I'm even kind of perspiring as I recount this.

Wow this is probably way too much for a physician. I should see a psych but I'm just wondering why I sweat this way. I'm in the process of applying for new jobs but I can't possibly with this affliction. Please help me out.

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