Hand/wrist hurt like when something is dislocated but I can't get anything to snap into place.

My joints 'pop out' quite easily. It usually happens spontaneously and hurts really bad. I push it back into place and it stops hurting pretty quick.

Earlier I was doing a fat lot of nothing, heard a pop/crack noise and got a radiating pain in my hand... Feels like my wrist has gone silly. I keep trying to push my fingers and hand this way and that but the pain won't let up.

The location is from the fleshy part where the thumb connects, a little into the palm and a bit into the wrist immediately attached. It seems to be originating from the bones under my palm near my thumb. Dislocation? Carpal Tunnel? Any ideas?

On a scale of 1 - 10 the pain is whichever one makes the rest of me tense up and shake.

Edit: Nevermind, my shoulder was busted. What the fuck body? Shoulder and hand are different places.

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Glad everything is alright man. Yeah, the nerves to the hand run through the shoulder and get pressed on and act funny post-dislocation. I wouldn't have figured it out ahead of time either, even knowing that :P Thanks for following up!

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Yeah. I didn't even think about it because I didn't hear a pop up that high and the whole arm hurt, but mostly my hand. Silly bodies. Soon as I moved my shoulder and it went "CRUNCH" everything stopped hurting for the most part.

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