West nile virus?

I'm asking here as my brother lives in Boston where West nile virus exists, but we're now all on holiday in Sweden where we do not have it at all. My brother has had severe headache which he thought was migraine at first, after 4 days he went to the local doctors office and got prescribed Citodon (contaning codeine and paracetamol), on day 5/6 the headache was still not gone and he went to the hospital, they did bloodtests and didn't find anything, so they told him to continue with the painkillers. Now we're a bit worried they are not finding the virus since they don't know much about it? He's had migraine like headache for a week now, vomiting from the migraine and i know he had a fever one day. Citodon helps so he can eat and sort of get a break from the headache but as soon as it stops working the migraine is back. Anyone has an idea of what we should do? Does this sound like west nile virus?

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Sorry it took so long to answer. You usually diagnose West nile by spinal tap. Doe he still have migraines?

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