I lack the ability to ignore anything. What can I do about it?

Ok, so everyone around me knows I am a bit mad but I recently realized exactly what is wrong. I can't ignore anything. At all. Like there is a noise made by the car my commute happens in. I hear it the entire trip. It's a low grinding drone. It doesn't bother anyone. They claim they can't even hear it unless I mention it.

Or my clothes and my tongue. I feel the texture of my clothes all the time. And I always feel my tongue in my mouth.

I am also photophobic and I am guessing it's the same thing. I can't ignore anything that my eyes are pointed at. Not everything is in focus all the time. But I can see it all even if it's not in focus. I can't just ignore the things around me. If I close one eye it's a bit better but it's still entirely too bright.

There are other things too. I have to chew my nails off (Or cut them, but usually they end up bitten off) because the weight of them on the end of my fingers is maddening.

I feel this explanation is inadequate. It's been this way my whole life but it seems to be getting more problematic recently. It's just like, I experience everything around me all the time. I can't get any rest. I had to move to sleeping on the floor because my mattress was getting pilly and I could feel it through my sheets and I couldn't get it all off.

Does anyone have this? Is there a name for it? Is there something I can do?

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