Lung nodule found on CT. Day before my 30 birthday.

Im 30 years old nosmoker healthy person. I had terrible infection/inflammation 12 weeks ago. But the cough and tickle in my throat and chest wont go away. Two days ago i had CT with contrast and they found 1,6cm nodule on lower side of my right lung. And something that looks like a Thymus that doesnt shrinked in my puberty in size around 3cm. My home doc and my pulmologist keeps telling me that this isnt a cancer. How can they be so sure ?. Im freaking out. I have pains since beggining originating from location of this 1,6 nodule. I can post my CT photos of it. And maybe translate the piece of paper with described result, cause its in German.

Translated as best as i can :

"The shares are also covered caudal thyroid orthotopic and dense homogeneous. Larger greasy degenerate and thus insuspekte axillary lymph nodes. No lymphadenopathy in the upper thoracic aperture. Usually Rights opacification of normkalibrigen large mediastinoscopy-hilar vessels. No detectable pathologically enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinum and in both Hili.
Conspicuous triangular loosened slightly inhomogeneous structure of parasagittal 2.1 cm length and 3.2 cm right left leg a craniocaudal extension of 3.8 cm in präaortalen mediastinal adipose tissue. No Perikardeguss and no pleural effusion.
1.6 cm wide pseudo solid nodular consolidation in subpleural location in the dorsal sinus phreniccocostalis right, most likely a scar change accordingly. The rest of Pulmo is a veritable parenchymal. No pulmonary lesion, no confluent pulmonary infiltrate and no interstitial pulmonary lesions. The central bronchial arises as far as normal.
Pleuropulmonales residual scar in the dorsal costodiaphragmatic recess right. Suspected Thymusrest in typical situation/place. No detectable local and locoregional aggressiveness drawing, as far as assessed by computed tomography.
Usually computed tomographic representation rights of the remaining thoracic organs."

I dont know what to do. I cant sleep. I think im dying.

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I think a couple of things are lost in translation, but the important things are no pulmonary lesions, and no lymphadenopathy. I would trust your docs that this isn't cancer. The 1.6 cm nodule is most likely a scar, probably from the infection 12 weeks ago. The 3cm nodule is probably some kind of lipoma or fatty tissue (adipose).

I understand that it can be distressing when you hear "nodule" but you should really not jump to a conclusion that you're dying when you have multiple doctors (the primary, the pulmonologist, and a radiologist) telling you this isn't cancer.

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