Foreign lump, or epididymis?

So I decided to begin giving myself examinations now that im 19, I feel that it could help save my life one day, so why not.

I'd been having a sort of aching in groin area, mainly there the groin meets the left leg and decided to check out my testicles.

I discovered sort of a longish mass at the top of my testicle that hurt if I applied pressure to it. I was freaked out at first because I didn't know it was long (felt just like a pea at first), then I not only discovered it was long, which leads me to think it may be the epididymis, but I found a second over the other testicle..though it doesn't seem to be as large as far as I can tell.

The thing is today the ache has gotten a bit worse and it seems to be more in the testicles now. The thing is, this could very well me from me poking at them and checking for the past 2 days. (i get anxious about these sort of things)

Should I see my doctor just incase? I have yet to have any sort of testicular exam by a doctor so Im a bit nervous about doing so.

edit: I guess another hint that it is the epididymis is that I cant feel anything else other than the testicle that could be the epididymis

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You can shine a light through it to see if it's fluid or really a mass. Go to a doctor to get a proper ultrasound.

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