sigmoidoscopy side effects

I had a sigmoidoscopy two days ago. After I got home, I felt some light headedness and weakness. It got better as the day went on except the weakness lasted into the evening. I had this procedure done in Korea. This is where I am living. So yesterday kind of the same except less, not so much weakness really. I kind of just felt off. Today, I feel head pressure, not really dizziness. The doctor never told me there could be side effects. I looked them up after I got home because my stomach still felt cramping, but that went away pretty quickly.

The dizziness wasn't bad enough to make drop everything I was doing and run back to the hospital, but now its enough to make me worry. No blood in my stool. I'm pretty sure no fever. I don't feel hot. Should I just go back? I read fever and blood were the big ones to worry about.

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Sounds like common side effects. I wouldn't worry too much, but if they get worse you should call your doctor.

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